Set 5 pcs Complete AloeVera Double Bed Mattress cover 2 Pillows 2 Pillow cases

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  • Brand: Euroricami Viterbo
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Mattress cover with corners in Aloe Vera anti-Mite - Hypoallergenic - anti-Bacterial The mattress and manufactured entirely in Italy. Measuring cm 200 x 175 (floor bed) and a 240 cm x 220 (finished) Cover with a zipper in Aloe Vera anti-Mite - Hypoallergenic - anti-Bacterial cover, and produced entirely in Italy and has a measurement of 50 cm x 80 PAIR OF PILLOWS IN MEMORY FOAM with SLOW MEMORY. COMPOSITION 100% POLYURETHANE AND memory foam, DENSITY 50KG/M3, PRODUCTION: CLOSED MOULD, the BLOWING agent: WATER, LIFT DIN 53577: +/- 15%, DEFORMATION NFT 56-107: +/- 5%, SIZE UNI7265-73: LENGTH-2/+2 WIDTH -1/+1 HEIGHT -0,5/+0,5, FATIGUE, DYNAMIC UNI7265-73: THICKNESS =<5% LIFT =<10%, ELONGATION UNI703: >100%, BREAKING LOAD UNI703: 40 Kpa. THE SLOW MEMORY MODEL TO THE SHAPE OF THE BODY AND ALSO DUE TO THERMAL ACTION, FROM TOTAL SUPPORT BY DISTRIBUTING THE WEIGHT EVENLY OVER THE ENTIRE SURFACE, FOR A HIGH LEVEL OF COMFORT AND WELL-BEING. MEASURE 68X39