Who we are

Our company is a family company and has existed since 1961, thanks to the collaboration with the most well-known manufacturers, our products are recognized and appreciated for the great value of the stylistic in addition to the absolute quality of the materials.
The yarns most fine, the most prestigious brands, but above all, the exceptional perfection and originality of "hand embroidery" to make our company a leader of an international character, all to honor a confidence that lasts over time and that it coincides with a report even wider with our customers.
The company offers a wide variety of items and a wide range of accessories for the bed, the kitchen and the bathroom in general and our products enjoy a quality/price ratio that allows us to be competitive on every market and fulfil the most varied requirements.
Our clientele is composed of people satisfied with the service that we offer them, as we are unable to meet their requests in the best of ways and as quickly as possible.

For all information please contact us
Address: Viterbo Kits Via Giovanni Pascoli, 11 90040 Capaci (PA)
Phone: 0918671463 - 348 5414318
Fax: 0917731850